Remembering 9-11… Looking back…looking forward

Watching the 911 tribute & thinking about the events & lives lost during & since then makes me ponder the fragility of life.  It makes us take stock in what we really believe.  One of my favorite verses is Psalm 139. Especially verse 16.  God knew all the days ordained for us before there was yet one of them.   This verse took root in my heart several years ago & truly changed the way I live.   I’m not AFRAID of death; therefore, I’m not afraid of LIFE!   God revealed to me that although He doesn’t want us to waste or lives or live carelessly… He knows our days & preordained them so don’t be afraid of LIVE…do the things you enjoy, share those thoughts & feelings with others.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??  This is NOT’s the only life we have!  We are here for a purpose.   Some people think we are just a genetic group of cells thrown together with no particular purpose just floating through the universe.  I know in my heart that we are not.  We are a spirit & a soul created by our God with a purpose.  Lately I’ve come to realize I’m not fulfilling my purpose in this world.   I stay so “busy” with things that in the end wont matter much.  My sincere prayer is that God will open my eyes & heart to the needs of others and give me the vision and strength to fulfill my days to please Him by serving others.

I hope at the end of my days I can look back & feel like I’ve at least made a positive difference in thus world.

As I think about those last phone calls, last kisses goodbye I feel so blessed. Lord help me to enjoy every moment!